Why do I need to hire a proposal planner?

A proposal planner is an expert in the field and has many different contacts who can create the most perfect and unique proposal experience. We already have many different ideas ready to use and we can do all the work for you. If you don’t have time to plan a proposal or you want something planned perfectly then this is why you would want to use a proposal planner. We create a memorable experience for you to pop the question!

Is a good marriage proposal important?

Yes! Everybody is always asking "how did you propose?" You want to be able to be very confident and proud that you had an amazing proposal. People will be thrilled to hear your story about getting down on one knee because it will be unique and memorable.

Why can't I just pull an idea off the internet?

As proposal planners, we have the ability to create unique experiences that directly relate to your relationship instead of using an idea off the internet that thousands of others have used. We have contacts with different vendors who can create the perfect moment and you won’t have to do a thing.

Will my partner be mad that I didn't plan the proposal myself?

No, they will be thrilled you took the time to create a unique and perfect experience for them. We take your ideas into consideration and work together to create the experience so it’s not just us creating the whole proposal.

If I already have a proposal idea then can you help me create it?

Yes! This is one of our package choices. We use your idea and bring in vendors who can create the perfect moment you imagined.

Can you work with different budgets?

Yes, we have a package where the ideas are already set and that is for people on a tight budget; or we can discuss some ideas you have and create a special proposal around your budget.

Can you be discreet about the proposal?

Yes, we can be completely behind the scenes and we always follow the level of confidentiality you would like.