Term and Conditions


*Money Back Guarantee only available for the first proposal package. Refund requests must be in writing and submitted within 2 business days of proposal ideas sent by The Yes Girls via email. In order for this to apply clients questionnaire answers must be filled out thoroughly (i.e.: specific details must be given, not just one words answers or generic phrases such as “we enjoy going out to eat”). If the client prefers additional ideas and revisions, the money back guarantee will no longer apply.

All event contract cancellations must be in writing. Cancellations of these arrangements will incur the penalties stated. At the time the contract is signed by client, a non-refundable deposit of 50 percent is due. Seven days prior to your event a non-refundable, full payment is due.

Terms and Conditions of Proposal:

a)The Pop The Question Planners fee does not include any vendor fees and reflects only the total for coordination and supervision services provided by Pop The Question Planners. All supplies, products, and services provided by any vendor are invoiced separately.

b) You are responsible for compliance with each vendor contract and its individual policies as stated by the vendor, including air, ground and hotel policies. Further, while Pop The Question Planners takes great pride in personally selecting our preferred vendors and referring them to you, we shall not assume liability nor shall we be held responsible for vendor costs, vendor errors, your dissatisfaction in their performance and/or product or a vendor’s breach of its contractual obligations to you. We strongly recommend that you review each vendor contract carefully.

c) Pop The Question Planners reserves the right to utilize photos and video footage of your event to add to its event portfolio and share with future clients. The client agrees to the use by Pop The Question Planners of such photos and video footage.